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Perspective Clocks


STUDIO VE (Israel) – Studio Ve was founded in 2010 by Shay Carmon and Ben Klinger, both product design graduates from Holon Institute of Technology. From the beginning of their joint work, they brought their own notions to life. They strived to make products that are simple and genuine, clean and inspiring, sincere and intriguing.


Shay Carmon – After working at the Hi-tech industry for several years, Shay has decided to change his career course and focus on his passion for design. Shay also holds a master degree in Mathematics from Tel Aviv University.

Ben Klinger – Ben’s attraction to design and his interest in the online world, led him over the years to engage in projects which combine these two desires.



We all rate to time subjectively. For some, time is a crucial part of life – a motivator, a judge, a measuring stick. For others, time serves a more fluid purpose, more of a suggestion than anything else. Studio Ve developed a series of clock to explore the way time is experienced by different people in different ways.

Studio VE

The PERSPECTIVE series are five clocks composed of straight lines, each demonstrating a different approach to the dimension of time. The design of the Perspective series focuses on the hands instead of the clock face, creating shapes that give meaning to the movement itself. The hands are structures of straight lines that rotate over a plain black face, resembling a drawing study on a canvas. Each face has a slightly different ending, emphasizing its own character.

Using only the simplest form of straight lines and exploring the way they interact, the appearance of the clocks varies from minimal to complex configuration.


D Clock – Different Angles:

StudioVE D Clock

This clock is a constant reminder that objects look different, depending on a point of view. The point of view has a tremendous impact on how itís read. Someone standing directly in front of the clock will see straight lines. But from the side, another dimension of complex shapes is revealed. Not only that the hands have another physical dimension, but they also interact with each other, with one passing through the other.


K Clock – Systematic Movement:

Studio VE K Clock

The hour and minute hands of the K clock are two complex assemblies of straight lines. The lines converge to a point that represents the location of the hand. In the course of one hour, each endpoint of one hand connects to each endpoint of the other. These encounters recur 143 times in a full cycle of the clock.


Studio VE P Clock

P Clock – Burst from Inside:

Unlike ordinary clocks, this clock displays time as a complex three dimensional composition, bursting from the center. The hands are outline of 3D prisms that go beyond the regular face plane. The base of the P clock is cone-shaped in order to house the hands.


V Clock – Focus on Target:

Studio VE V Clock

Artists in the renaissance period developed the vanishing points as a tool to represent the world with perspective. Using vanishing points, this clock gives the viewer two focal points ñ the hour and the minute.



Process of Design

This series was conceived 1 year ago, while Shay & Ben were playing with metal rods (they have plenty in our studio). They arranged them in various compositions and saw how they interact with each other. The goal was to create a “usual hand” representation without being usual.

In this process they discovered that every model had its own character, and after countless tries, variations and proportions, the best 5 designs emerged. Each has a strong aesthetic and playful presence, as well as representing a different approach to life.

In pursuit of the right material for the clocks hands, they started with welded steel, but the welding was not very accurate, and the hands were too heavy in some of the models. They tried carbon rods, that were light, but could not joint well. They realized that injected plastic would give the best results. Many models made out of ABS were 3D printed, until the right balance between structure and weight was achieved.

The clocks movement is a sweep movements – it creates a continuous gentle motion, and known for its reliability.

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